The following modules are available in the Triplo distribution and can be enabled and used on your site. Some of them will be enabled by default, you can enable others to access their features. 

To enable a module:

  1. Login as admin
  2. Click on the Functionality link in the administration bar
  3. Select the module you wish to enable
  4. Scroll to bottom of page and click Save configuration
Module Purpose Default Status Difficulty
Address field

Adds an special field to collect addresses. 

Video Tutorial

disabled Easy

Spam prevention

Video Tutorial

enabled Easy
Auto Nodetitle Use this module to automatically generate titles for your content based upon other fields such as date created, author, or any of your custom fields.  disabled  
Backup Migrate This module allows you to make backups of the database, files directory, and/or code for your site. In theory, you could use this module along with configuration export, to export your entire site.  enabled Easy
Basic Cart This module allows you to add a VERY SIMPLE shopping cart to your site. This module alone does not provide any payment options, but can be combined with other modules to provide provide a simple shopping experience, including credit card payments. disabled  
Configurable Block Style

Allows you to make visual changes to blocks administered through the layout interface. Includes ability to add/change background color, font color, border, and padding to blocks. 

Video Tutorial

enabled Medium
Content View Access Allows site editor to limit access to view specific content types.  disabled  Easy
CSS Injector Use this module to add CSS to your site through the user interface.  disabled Medium
Dashboard Plus This is a module that adds some small improvements to the editor/admin dashboard.  enabled  
Devel This module provides special tools for developers and site builders.  enabled Medium

This modules is great for creating a block with multiple columns (images or icons). See the README file on this page for some useful screenshots on what you can build with this module:

disabled Easy
Feeds This module provides an interface for importing data in bulk.  disabled Difficult
Fivestar module disabled  

Flag module allows you to add flags to nodes, users or any other type of entity. The flags can be per-user or global (per-entity).

Possible uses include bookmarks, marking important, friends, or flag as offensive. With extensive views integration, you can create custom lists of popular content or keep tabs on important content.

disabled  Medium
Flexslider module disabled Difficult
Geocoder The geocoder, geofield, and geophp modules work together to provide some powerful mapping functionality for your site.  disabled Difficult
Geofield The geocoder, geofield, and geophp modules work together to provide some powerful mapping functionality for your site.  disabled Difficult
Geophp The geocoder, geofield, and geophp modules work together to provide some powerful mapping functionality for your site.  disabled Difficult
Google Analytics module enabled Easy
Google Fonts module enabled Medium
Honeypot This is a Spam prevention module that can be used in combination with other modules. It is enabled by default and provides some spam protection for your contact form.  enabled Easy
Insert module disabled  
Job Scheduler module disabled  
Layout Contextual Links

Provides a quick link to the current layout - upper right hand corner. 

Video Tutorial

enabled Easy
Manual Crop module enabled  
Masquerade Allows an administrator to login as any other user and view the site as that user. NOTE: Use with caution.  enabled  
Metatag Help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enabled Easy
Mosaic Grid Video Tutorial disabled  
On The Web Social Media disabled  
Scroll Reveal module disabled  
Share This Social media disabled  

This module hides various fields from node, user, comment, taxonomy, or block forms. Use this to simplify your editor experience. 

Video Tutorial

disabled Easy
Sticky Nav

Use this module to force your navigation to stick at the top of the browser page. 

Video Tutorial

disabled Medium
Stripe API This module can be used to set up credit card processing on your site. May need developer help to make this useful.  disabled Difficult
Styleguide This module is primarily here for the developers and designers that make your site look attractive.  disabled  
Submitted By module enabled  
Utility CSS module - works with Opera Theme disabled  Easy
Video Filter This module provides a simple way for site editors to embed videos into the body field, with special codes that work with many different video platform providers.

Video Tutorial

disabled Easy
Views Bootstrap This module works with the Views module to provide special formats to display your data using the Bootstrap framework.  enabled  
Video Hero Block

This module provides a video hero block to be added to templates if you wish to include Youtube video the full width of the screen. 

Video Tutorial

disabled Easy
Vimeo Link Formatter module disabled  

Use this module to create custom forms on your site. 

Video Tutorial

enabled Easy
Youtube Add Youtube videos to your content.  disabled Easy