Please fill out our site creation form (login required) and you should receive an email with login information for your site within 5 minutes.

The Simplo version of Backdrop comes with some modules already enabled and some items configured in ways that we think will be helpful for you. Also, we have prepopulated the Simplo version of Backdrop CMS with some demo content with helpful tips to help you get started. 

To quickly see what vanilla Backdrop CMS looks like, try the "Demo Backdrop" button on BackdropCMS.org. You can spin up a 24 hour sandbox site in less than a minute. 

Backdrop CMS is built on open source software and the data belongs to you and the code is available for free. At any point, you can export the code, files, and data for your site and move it anywhere you like (or ask us to do this for you).

Backdrop is a Content Management System. A CMS is a database driven website that allows people to log in, and with permission, allows them to edit nearly any page. Backdrop can be used to create almost any type of websites. Use Backdrop CMS for everything from a single-administrator's personal blog site, to a complex, multi-role, business e-commerce platform. Backdrop is the perfect fit for comprehensive non-profit, educational, government or corporate websites.

More about Backdrop CMS

Email Support 

Our email support desk is free. We'll answer "how to" questions and point you in the right direction to build your own Backdrop CMS site. 

Slack Chat

24 hour access to our Slack chat channel is available (contact us for details). 

Consulting or Assistance

If you need additional consulting or want us to make customizations for you, our team is available at an hourly rate. Get yourself 90% of the way there and we can help with the last 10%.

As part of this free hosting, users are limited to a select group of modules that we have tested and are confident we can support. If you would like access to module or theme that is not on this list, ask and we'll evaluate whether or not it makes sense to add to this package. 

In addition to all the important features included in Backdrop CMS core, here are some of the modules currently available in our hosted plan:

See the complete list

We will add additional modules to this package as needed. What would you like to see included?